May 17, 2021  |  Presentation

Long Reads to Identify Hidden Structural Variants in Rare Disease

Alexander Hoischen’s research group ‘Genomic Technologies and Immuno-Genomics’ has expertise in the identification of rare disease genes using the latest genomics tools, with a recent particular focus on immune-related disease genes. His group has been the first to identify a disease causing dominant de novo mutation for a Mendelian disorder by exome sequencing, followed by the identification of several disease genes for rare diseases. Following a six-month research stint in 2013 in the laboratories of collaborators, Prof. Eichler and Prof. Shendure (UW, Seattle; USA), Dr. Hoischen established the latest technology for accurate and large-scale targeted re-sequencing (smMIPs) in Nijmegen. Recently, his group started to apply long-read sequencing and long-read mapping to unsolved rare disease cases and this talk presents his latest research.

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