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Velez bacillusL-1The pear Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium bacteria of suppression role evaluation and all Genome Analysis

Authors: Li, Donghao and Hao, Fang and Liu, Liu Qiang

[Objective] Clear Velez bacillus(Bacillus S rDNA Sequence) L-1The pear Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium bacteria of suppression role clear Bacteria L-1Sterile fermentation broth antagonistic activity of stability and may be of Antagonistic mechanism. [Methods] by in vitro determination, living determination and pathogenic bacteria mycelium morphology observation evaluation StrainL-1The pear Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium bacteria of antagonistic activity. To pear Botrytis cinerea bacteria for try pathogenic bacteria use Oxford Cup method determination StrainL-1Sterile fermentation broth antagonistic activity of stability. UsePacbio rsiiThree generations sequencing technology determinationL-1Of all gene sequence will all gene sequence and gene protein sequence databaseBLASTComparison Analysis prediction StrainL-1May be of secondary metabolism product and potential of role mechanism. [Results] The StrainL-1The pear Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium bacteria of living inhibition rate respectively92.88%And77.47%Can caused by pathogenic bacteria mycelium enlargement, deformity. StrainL-1In10% NaClOf culture medium in can still normal growth its sterile fermentation broth high temperature resistant, acid, alkali, UV irradiation and protease degradation on pathogenic bacteria has stability of antagonistic activity. All gene sequence analysis results showed that strainL-1Yes112A Gene Involved in the many kinds of carbon source of metabolism can use many kinds of carbon source the growth; containing involved in spermidine, trehalose and strain stress resistance related compounds synthesis of gene; secondary metabolism prediction results display:L-1Containing SynthesisSurfactin,Fengycin,Bacillibactin,Bacillaene,Macolactin,Difficidin,BacilysinAnd many kinds of peptide chitosan and polyketide sugar resistance compounds of gene cluster and can degradation pathogenic bacteria cell wallß-1,3-Glucanase and chitinase related of gene; in addition StrainL-1Containing generation acetoin and can induced Plant Resistance of gene. [Conclusion] StrainL-1Can effective antagonistic many kinds of pear of after disease resistance strong antagonistic activity stability prediction StrainL-1Can by producing many kinds of antagonistic activity compounds and cell wall hydrolysis enzymes and induced Plant Resistance implementation disease prevention effect has very big of application potential.

Journal: Probe-microbiology
Year: 2018

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