September 22, 2019  |  

Understanding explosive diversification through cichlid fish genomics.

Authors: Salzburger, Walter

Owing to their taxonomic, phenotypic, ecological and behavioural diversity and propensity for explosive diversification, the assemblages of cichlid fish in the East African Great Lakes Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika are important role models in evolutionary biology. With the release of five reference genomes and many additional genomic resources, as well as the establishment of functional genomic tools, the cichlid system has fully entered the genomic era. The in-depth genomic exploration of the East African cichlid fauna - in combination with the examination of their ecology, morphology and behaviour - permits novel insights into the way organisms diversify.

Journal: Nature reviews. Genetics
DOI: 10.1038/s41576-018-0043-9
Year: 2018

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