April 21, 2020  |  

The sequence and de novo assembly of Oxygymnocypris stewartii genome.

Authors: Liu, Hai-Ping and Xiao, Shi-Jun and Wu, Nan and Wang, Di and Liu, Yan-Chao and Zhou, Chao-Wei and Liu, Qi-Yong and Yang, Rui-Bin and Jiang, Wen-Kai and Liang, Qi-Qi and Wangjiu and Zhang, Chi and Gong, Jun-Hua and Yuan, Xiao-Hui and Mou, Zhen-Bo

Animal genomes in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau provide valuable resources for scientists to understand the molecular mechanism of environmental adaptation. Tibetan fish species play essential roles in the local ecology; however, the genomic information for native fishes was still insufficient. Oxygymnocypris stewartii, belonging to Oxygymnocypris genus, Schizothoracinae subfamily, is a native fish in the Tibetan plateau living within the elevation from roughly 3,000?m to 4,200?m. In this report, PacBio and Illumina sequencing platform were used to generate ~385.3?Gb genomic sequencing data. A genome of about 1,849.2?Mb was obtained with a contig N50 length of 257.1?kb. More than 44.5% of the genome were identified as repetitive elements, and 46,400 protein-coding genes were annotated in the genome. The assembled genome can be used as a reference for future population genetic studies of O. stewartii and will improve our understanding of high altitude adaptation of fishes in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

Journal: Scientific data
DOI: 10.1038/sdata.2019.9
Year: 2019

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