April 21, 2020  |  

Structural variants in 3000 rice genomes.

Authors: Fuentes, Roven Rommel and Chebotarov, Dmytro and Duitama, Jorge and Smith, Sean and De la Hoz, Juan Fernando and Mohiyuddin, Marghoob and Wing, Rod A and McNally, Kenneth L and Tatarinova, Tatiana and Grigoriev, Andrey and Mauleon, Ramil and Alexandrov, Nickolai

Investigation of large structural variants (SVs) is a challenging yet important task in understanding trait differences in highly repetitive genomes. Combining different bioinformatic approaches for SV detection, we analyzed whole-genome sequencing data from 3000 rice genomes and identified 63 million individual SV calls that grouped into 1.5 million allelic variants. We found enrichment of long SVs in promoters and an excess of shorter variants in 5' UTRs. Across the rice genomes, we identified regions of high SV frequency enriched in stress response genes. We demonstrated how SVs may help in finding causative variants in genome-wide association analysis. These new insights into rice genome biology are valuable for understanding the effects SVs have on gene function, with the prospect of identifying novel agronomically important alleles that can be utilized to improve cultivated rice. © 2019 Fuentes et al.; Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

Journal: Genome research
DOI: 10.1101/gr.241240.118
Year: 2019

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