April 21, 2020  |  

Soil Probiotic Utilizes Plant and Pollinator Transport for Territorial Expansion

Authors: Kim, Da-Ran and Cho, Gyeongjun and Jeon, Chang-Wook and Weller, David M and Thomashow, Linda S and Paulitz, Timothy C and Kwak, Youn-Sig

Microbe-plant interactions are linked with the core microbiota, and both the plant and the microbial partners depend on one other to thrive in nature. However, why and how the below-ground core microbiota become established aboveground is poorly understood. We tracked the movement of a probiotic Streptomyces endophyte throughout a managed strawberry ecosystem. Probiotics in the rhizosphere and anthosphere were genetically identical, yet these niches were segregated in space and time. The probiotic in the rhizosphere moved upward via the vascular bundle, relocated to aboveground plant parts, and protected against Botrytis cinerea. It also moved from flowers to roots, and among flowers via pollinators that were protected against pollinator pathogens. Our results reveal a solid evidence in tripartite interaction with Streptomyces exploiting plant and pollinator partners.

Journal: Preprints
DOI: 10.20944/preprints201905.0294.v1
Year: 2019

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