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Scoping the effectiveness and evolutionary obstacles in using plasmid-dependent phages to fight antibiotic resistance.

Authors: Ojala, Ville and Mattila, Sari and Hoikkala, Ville and Bamford, Jaana Kh and Hiltunen, Teppo and Jalasvuori, Matti

To investigate the potential evolutionary obstacles in the sustainable therapeutic use of plasmid-dependent phages to control the clinically important conjugative plasmid-mediated dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes to pathogenic bacteria.The lytic plasmid-dependent phage PRD1 and the multiresistance conferring plasmid RP4 in an Escherichia coli host were utilized to assess the genetic and phenotypic changes induced by combined phage and antibiotic selection.Resistance to PRD1 was always coupled with either completely lost or greatly reduced conjugation ability. Reversion to full conjugation efficiency was found to be rare, and it also restored the susceptibility to plasmid-dependent phages. Consequently, plasmid-dependent phages constitute an interesting candidate for development of sustainable anticonjugation/antiresistance therapeutic applications.

Journal: Future microbiology
DOI: 10.2217/fmb-2016-0038
Year: 2016

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