July 7, 2019  |  

In transition: primate genomics at a time of rapid change.

Authors: Rogers, Jeffrey

The field of nonhuman primate genomics is undergoing rapid change and making impressive progress. Exploiting new technologies for DNA sequencing, researchers have generated new whole-genome sequence assemblies for multiple primate species over the past 6 years. In addition, investigations of within-species genetic variation, gene expression and RNA sequences, conservation of non-protein-coding regions of the genome, and other aspects of comparative genomics are moving at an accelerating speed. This progress is opening a wide array of new research opportunities in the analysis of comparative primate genome content and evolution. It also creates new possibilities for the use of nonhuman primates as model organisms in biomedical research. This transition, based on both new technology and the new information being generated in regard to human genetics, provides an important justification for reevaluating the research goals, strategies, and study designs used in primate genetics and genomics.

Journal: ILAR journal
DOI: 10.1093/ilar/ilt042
Year: 2013

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