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Genome sequence of the brown rot fungal pathogen Monilinia fructigena.

Authors: Landi, Lucia and De Miccolis Angelini, Rita M and Pollastro, Stefania and Abate, Domenico and Faretra, Francesco and Romanazzi, Gianfranco

Monilinia fructigena (phylum Ascomycota, family Sclerotiniaceae) is a plant pathogen that causes brown rot and blossom blight in pome fruit and stone fruit of the Rosaceae family, which can cause significant losses in the field and mainly postharvest. The aim of this study was to create a high-quality draft of the M. fructigena genome assembly and annotation that provides better understanding of the epidemiology of the pathogen and its interactions with the host(s) and will thus improve brown rot management.We report here on the genome sequence of M. fructigena strain Mfrg269 that was collected from plum in southern Italy. This is assembled into 131 scaffolds, with a total size of 43.125 Mb, with 9960 unique protein-coding genes. The novel genomic resources allow improved genomic comparisons among the most important pathogens belonging to the Monilinia genus, with the aim being to improve the knowledge of their plant-pathogen interactions, population biology, and control.

Journal: BMC research notes
DOI: 10.1186/s13104-018-3854-z
Year: 2018

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