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Draft genome sequence of the extremely halophilic Halorubrum sp. SAH-A6 isolated from rock salts of the Danakil depression, Ethiopia.

Authors: Gibtan, Ashagrie and Woo, Mingyeong and Oh, Dokyung and Park, Kyounghee and Lee, Han-Seung and Sohn, Jae Hak and Lee, Dong-Woo and Shin, Jung-Kue and Lee, Sang-Jae

The draft genome sequence of Halorubrum sp. SAH-A6, isolated from commercial rock salts of the Danakil depression, Ethiopia. The genome comprised 3,325,770 bp, with the G + C content of 68.0%. The strain has many genes which are responsible for secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport and catabolism as compared to other Halorubrum archaea members. Abundant genes responsible for numerous transport systems, solute accumulation, and aromatic/sulfur decomposition were detected. The first genomic analysis encourages further research on comparative genomics, and biotechnological applications. The NCBI accession number for this genome is SAMN04278861 and ID: 4278861 and strain deposited with accession number KCTC 43215.

Journal: Genomics data
DOI: 10.1016/j.gdata.2016.08.014
Year: 2016

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