July 7, 2019  |  

Draft genome sequence of Paucibacter aquatile CR182T, a strain with antimicrobial activity isolated from freshwater of Nakdong River in South Korea.

Authors: Chung, Eu Jin and Choi, Gang-Guk and Nam, Young-Ho and Choi, Ahyoung

This report details a draft genome sequence of Paucibacter aquatile CR182T, isolated from river water, which contains 5,523,543?bp, has a G+C content of 66.3%, and harbors 4,544 protein-coding genes in 4 contigs. These genome data provide insights into the genetic basis of this strain's antibacterial activity and adaptive mechanisms. Copyright © 2018 Chung et al.

Journal: Genome announcements
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00194-18
Year: 2018

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