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De novo genome sequencing and secretome analysis of Tilletia indica inciting Karnal bunt of wheat provides pathogenesis-related genes.

Authors: Gurjar, Malkhan Singh and Aggarwal, Rashmi and Jogawat, Abhimanyu and Kulshreshtha, Deepika and Sharma, Sapna and Solanke, Amolkumar U and Dubey, Himanshu and Jain, Rakesh Kumar

Tilletia indica is an internationally quarantined fungal pathogen causing Karnal bunt of wheat. The present study carried out that the whole genome of T. indica was sequenced and identified transposable elements, pathogenicity-related genes using a comparative genomics approach. The T. indica genome assembly size of 33.7 MB was generated using Illumina and Pac Bio platforms with GC content of 55.0%. A total of 1737 scaffolds were obtained with N50 of 58,667 bp. The ab initio gene prediction was performed using Ustilago maydis as the reference species. A total number of 10,113 genes were predicted with an average gene size of 1945 bp out of which functionally annotated genes were 7262. A total number of 3216 protein-coding genes were assigned in different categories. Out of a total number of 1877 transposable elements, gypsy had the highest count (573). Total 5772 simple sequence repeats were identified in the genome assembly, and the most abundant simple sequence repeat type was trinucleotide having 42% of total SSRs. The comparative genome analysis suggested 3751 proteins of T. indica had orthologs in five fungi, whereas 126 proteins were unique to T. indica. Secretome analysis revealed the presence of 1014 secretory proteins and few carbohydrate-active enzymes in the genome. Some putative candidate pathogenicity-related genes were identified in the genome. The whole genome of T. indica will provide a window to understand the pathogenesis mechanism, fungal life cycle, survival of teliospores, and novel strategies for management of Karnal bunt disease of wheat.

Journal: 3 Biotech
DOI: 10.1007/s13205-019-1743-3
Year: 2019

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