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Complete genome sequences of Caldicellulosiruptor sp. strain Rt8.B8, Caldicellulosiruptor sp. strain Wai35.B1, and “Thermoanaerobacter cellulolyticus”.

Authors: Lee, Laura L and Izquierdo, Javier A and Blumer-Schuette, Sara E and Zurawski, Jeffrey V and Conway, Jonathan M and Cottingham, Robert W and Huntemann, Marcel and Copeland, Alex and Chen, I-Min A and Kyrpides, Nikos and Markowitz, Victor and Palaniappan, Krishnaveni and Ivanova, Natalia and Mikhailova, Natalia and Ovchinnikova, Galina and Andersen, Evan and Pati, Amrita and Stamatis, Dimitrios and Reddy, T B K and Shapiro, Nicole and Nordberg, Henrik P and Cantor, Michael N and Hua, Susan X and Woyke, Tanja and Kelly, Robert M

The genus Caldicellulosiruptor contains extremely thermophilic, cellulolytic bacteria capable of lignocellulose deconstruction. Currently, complete genome sequences for eleven Caldicellulosiruptor species are available. Here, we report genome sequences for three additional Caldicellulosiruptor species: Rt8.B8 DSM 8990 (New Zealand), Wai35.B1 DSM 8977 (New Zealand), and "Thermoanaerobacter cellulolyticus" strain NA10 DSM 8991 (Japan). Copyright © 2015 Lee et al.

Journal: Genome announcements
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00440-15
Year: 2015

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