July 7, 2019  |  

Complete genome sequence of Spirosoma montaniterrae DY10 T isolated from gamma-ray irradiated soil

Authors: Srinivasan, Sathiyaraj and Kang, Myung-Suk and Kim, Myung Kyum

A Gram-negative, yellow-pigmented, long-rod shaped bacterium Spirosoma montaniterrae DY10T was isolated from a soil sample collected at Mt. Deogyusan, Jeonbuk Province, Republic of Korea. Cells showed extreme gamma radiation resistance with the D10 value of 12 KGy. The complete genome sequence of strain DY10T is consist of a circular chromosome (5,797,678 bp) encoding 5,116 genes, 9 rRNA genes and 39 tRNA genes. The genomic features contain the key enzymes for gamma and UVC radiation.

Journal: Korean journal of microbiology
DOI: 10.7845/kjm.2017.7006
Year: 2017

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