July 7, 2019  |  

Complete genome sequence of MIDG2331, a genetically tractable serovar 8 clinical isolate of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae.

Authors: Bossé, Janine T and Chaudhuri, Roy R and Li, Yanwen and Leanse, Leon G and Fernandez Crespo, Roberto and Coupland, Paul and Holden, Matthew T G and Bazzolli, Denise M and Maskell, Duncan J and Tucker, Alexander W and Wren, Brendan W and Rycroft, Andrew N and Langford, Paul R

We report here the complete annotated genome sequence of a clinical serovar 8 isolate Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae MIDG2331. Unlike the serovar 8 reference strain 405, MIDG2331 is amenable to genetic manipulation via natural transformation as well as conjugation, making it ideal for studies of gene function. Copyright © 2016 Bossé et al.

Journal: Genome announcements
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01667-15
Year: 2016

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