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Complete genome sequence of Amycolatopsis orientalis CPCC200066, the producer of norvancomycin.

Authors: Lei, Xuan and Zhang, Cong and Jiang, Zhibo and Li, Xingxing and Shi, Yuanyuan and Liu, Ming and Xie, Yunying and Wang, Lifei and Hong, Bin

Amycolatopsis orientalis CPCC200066 is an actinomycete exploited commercially in China for the production of norvancomycin, an important glycopeptide antibiotic structurally close to the well-known vancomycin. The availability of the complete genome sequence of CPCC200066 would greatly strengthen our understanding of the regulation pattern of norvancomycin biosynthesis and ultimately improve its production, as well as potentiate discoveries of novel bioactive compounds. Here we report the complete genome sequence of A. orientalis CPCC200066, a circular chromosome consisting of 9,490,992bp. Forty putative secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters, including norvancomycin, were predicted, covering 20.3% of the whole genome. To facilitate genetic manipulation of this strain, an efficient transformation system was established by constructing a novel integrative vector pIMBT1, which could be transferred into CPCC200066 by electroporation with high efficiency. FBT1 attB sites were also identified in other known Amycolatopsis genomes, indicating pIMBT1's prospect to be a novel vector for genus Amycolatopsis. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Journal: Journal of biotechnology
DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2017.02.013
Year: 2017

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