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Complete genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis of nosocomial pathogen Acinetobacter nosocomialis strain NCTC 8102.

Authors: Subhadra, Bindu and Surendran, Surya and Lim, Bo Ra and Yim, Jong-Sung and Kim, Dong Ho and Woo, Kyungho and Han, Kyudong and Oh, Man Hwan and Choi, Chul Hee

Acinetobacter has emerged recently as one of the most challenging nosocomial pathogens because of its increased rate of antimicrobial resistance. The genetic complexity and genome diversity, as well as the lack of adequate knowledge on the pathogenic determinants of Acinetobacter strains often hinder with pathogenesis studies for the development of better therapeutics to tackle this nosocomial pathogen.In this study, we comparatively analyzed the whole genome sequence of a virulent Acinetobacternosocomialis strain NCTC 8102.The genomic DNA of A. nosocomialis NCTC 8102 was isolated and sequenced using PacBio RS II platform. The sequenced genome was functionally annotated and gene prediction was carried out using the program, Glimmer 3. The phylogenetic analysis of the genome was performed using Mega 6 program and the comparative genome analysis was carried out by BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool).The complete genome analysis depicted that the genome consists of a circular chromosome with an average G?+?C content of 38.7%. The genome comprises 3700 protein-coding genes, 96 RNA genes (18 rRNA, 74 tRNA and 4 ncRNA genes), and 91 pseudogenes. In addition, 6 prophage regions comprising 2 intact, 1 incomplete and 3 questionable ones and 18 genomic islands were identified in the genome, suggesting the possible occurrence of horizontal gene transfer in this strain. Comparative genome analysis of A. nosocomialis NCTC 8102 genome with the already sequenced A. nosocomialis strain SSA3 showed an average nucleotide identity of 99.0%. In addition, the number of prophages and genomic islands were higher in the A. nosocomialis NCTC 8102 genome compared to that of the strain SSA3. 14 of the genomic islands were unique to A. nosocomialis NCTC 8102 compared to strain SSA3 and they harbored genes which are involved in virulence, multidrug resistance, biofilm formation and bacterial pathogenesis.We sequenced the whole genome of A. nosocomialis strain NCTC 8102 followed by comparatively genome analysis. The study provides valuable information on the genetic features of A. nosocomialis strain and the data from this study would assist in further studies for the development of control measures for this nosocomial pathogen.

Journal: Genes & genomics
DOI: 10.1007/s13258-019-00834-6
Year: 2019

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