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Comparative genomics reveals specific genetic architectures in nicotine metabolism of Pseudomonassp. JY-Q.

Authors: Li, Jun and Qian, Shulan and Xiong, Lie and Zhu, Chengyun and Shu, Ming and Wang, Jie and Jiao, Yang and He, Houlong and Zhang, Fuming and Linhardt, Robert J and Zhong, Weihong

Microbial degradation of nicotine is an important process to control nicotine residues in the aqueous environment. In this study, a high active nicotine degradation strain namedPseudomonassp. JY-Q was isolated from tobacco waste extract (TWE). This strain could completely degrade 5.0 g l-1nicotine in 24 h under optimal culture conditions, and it showed some tolerance even at higher concentrations (10.0 g l-1) of nicotine. The complete genome of JY-Q was sequenced to understand the mechanism by which JY-Q could degrade nicotine and tolerate such high nicotine concentrations. Comparative genomic analysis indicated that JY-Q degrades nicotine through putative novel mechanisms. Two candidate gene cluster duplications located separately at distant loci were predicted to be responsible for nicotine degradation. These two nicotine (Nic) degradation-related loci (AA098_21325-AA098_21340, AA098_03885-AA098_03900) exhibit nearly completely consistent gene organization and component synteny. The nicotinic acid(NA)degradation gene cluster (AA098_17770-AA098_17790) andNic-like clusters were both predicted to be flanked by mobile genetic elements (MGE). Furthermore, we analyzed the regions of genomic plasticity (RGP) in the JY-Q strain and found a dynamic genome carrying a type VI secretion system (T6SS) that promotes nicotine metabolism and tolerance based on transcriptomics and usedin silicomethods to identify the T6SS effector protein. Thus, a novel nicotine degradation mechanism was elucidated forPseudomonassp. JY-Q, suggesting its potential application in the bioremediation of nicotine-contaminated environments, such as TWEs.

Journal: Frontiers in microbiology
DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02085
Year: 2017

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