Multiplexing kits

SMRTbell library and barcoding consumables for optional multiplexing on the PacBio Sequel systems.

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Multiplexing consumables

Sequence multiple samples on the same SMRT Cell to increase throughput and enhance the efficiency of your workflows. Multiplexing is supported with three barcoding options providing flexibility to incorporate unique sample identifiers during target amplification or library preparation.

Learn more about multiplexing, including information on barcode sequences compatible with SMRT sequencing

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SMRTbell barcoded adapter plate 3.0PN: 102-009-200

This plate contains 96 SMRTbell barcoded overhang adapters in plate format (1 sample per barcoded adapter).

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Barcoded M13 primer platePN: 102-135-500

This plate contains 384 barcoded M13 primer pairs in plate format (1 sample per barcoded primer pair).

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Barcoded overhang adapter kit - 8A/8BPN: 101-628-400/500

Two sets of 8 barcoded overhang adapters for multiplexing SMRTbell libraries.

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Barcoded universal primer plate v2PN: 101-629-100

A set of 96 barcoded primer pairs for multiplexing amplicons containing universal sequence tags optimized for Sequel Systems.

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