Eukaryotic epigenetics

Epigenetic modifications play an important role in the biology of eukaryotes. A prime example is the impact of DNA methylation on gene expression, imprinting, and X chromosome inactivation. Additionally, the deregulation of epigenetic machinery has been implicated in Mendelian disease, human cancer, and drug resistance.1,2.

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Discover more with SMRT epigenetics

By pairing high throughput with long reads, the PacBio systems offer scalable solutions for assessing CpG methylation in eukaryotic genomes. When using Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing, genome-wide regional methylation information is generated with no additional sample preparation. For targeted applications, SMRT bisulfite sequencing marries bisulfite samples with highly multiplexed, quantitative long-read sequencing, accurately measuring CpG methylation across ~1.5 kb regions.

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From DNA to epigenetic information

Library preparation

SMRT sequencing with PacBio systems

  • Take advantage of the Sequel system to reduce project costs and generate 7× more reads compared with the PacBio RS II
  • Achieve ~10 kb average read lengths, with some reads as long as 60 kb Average read lengths 10–15 kb

Data analysis with SMRT Analysis and PacBio DevNet


Whole genome sequencing and epigenome characterization of cancer cells

PacBio sequencing was used to characterize the cancer genomes of both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant PC-9 cells. Large-scale changes in the methylation status were observed, allowing researchers to explore the function of methylation on drug sensitivity.3

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