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PacBio DevNet provides scientists with easy access to open-source community-developed analysis tools for PacBio SMRT Sequencing data, example data sets, and resources to help further your analysis and data interpretation.

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PacBio publishes example data sets for various application with each release of the SMRT Sequencing Systems. Sharing our SMRT Sequencing data enables further development of open source analysis tools and knowledge exchange.

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PacBio on GitHub

See the latest computational biology tools built by PacBio for Pacbio users on our GitHub account page.

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SMRT analysis

SMRT Analysis offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface, flexible command-line options, and an extensive set of APIs for streamlined integration with analytical workflows.

Learn more about SMRT Analysis or Download SMRT Link to gain access to SMRT Analysis

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Connect with other scientists using SMRT Sequencing data in these google groups

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