March 9, 2023

From sample to star alleles: a long-read pharmacogenomics pipeline powered by Twist target enrichment and PacBio HiFi sequencing

Author(s): N. Gonzaludo1, T. Han2, L. Arbiza2, A. Souppe1, C. Lambert1, S. Zhang1, P. Baybayan1, H. Ferraro1, S. Kingan1, B. Li3, K. Sangkuhl3, M. Woon3, R. Whaley3, M. Whirl-Carrillo3, Y. Yang3, T. E. Klein3, S. A. Scott3, J. Harting1 1 PacBio, Menlo Park, CA, 2 Twist Bioscience, South San Francisco, CA, 3 Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Organization: PacBio
Year: 2023

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