June 1, 2021

Analysis of full-length metagenomic 16S genes by Single Molecule, Real-Time Sequencing

Author(s): Sethuraman, Anand and Bowman, Brett and Eng, Kevin and Heiner, Cheryl and Hall, Richard

High-throughput sequencing of the complete 16S rRNA gene has become a valuable tool for characterizing microbial communities. However, the short reads produced by second-generation sequencing cannot provide taxonomic classification below the genus level. In this study, we demonstrate the capability of PacBio’s Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing to generate community profiles using mock microbial community samples from BEI Resources. We also evaluate multiplexing capabilities using PacBio barcodes on pooled samples comprising heterogeneous 16S amplicon populations representing soil, fecal, and mock communities.

Organization: PacBio
Year: 2015

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