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We work with a wide range of industry-leading organizations to ensure the compatibility of products optimized for use in PacBio workflows. Our partners have been qualified by PacBio scientists to provide seamless integration and support for customers who are just starting out with PacBio sequencing or expanding their current capabilities. 

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10x Genomics

PacBio is partnering with 10x Genomics through the 10x Compatible Partner Program and PacBio Compatible to unlock a multidimensional approach to sequencing at exceptional resolution and accuracy. This partnership demonstrates compatibility of the new PacBio MAS-Seq kit for 10x Chromium single cell libraries to be paired with PacBio’s long read sequencing platforms.

Learn more: Procedure checklist | Dataset


Agilent is a compatible partner for end-to-end targeted sequencing workflows including automation, library prep, and data analysis. This partnership leverages the ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer panel and the accuracy of SBB technology to confidently identify disease-associated variants and optimize the molecular profiling of cancers. Targeted sequencing is enabled by Agilent’s SureSelect Custom DNA Target Enrichment Probes and PacBio’s sequencing by binding (SBB) technology. Additionally, Agilent’s Femto Pulse instrument is recommended for accurate generation of large-insert libraries for de novo large genome sequencing projects and other PacBio applications leveraging multi-kilobase read lengths.

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Qiagen is a partner for PacBio SBB workflows, providing end-to-end targeted sequencing including automation, library prep, and data analysis. Qiagen and PacBio are partnering on cfDNA workflows for the Onso sequencing platform.


Sentieon is a data analysis partner for processing and accelerating PacBio FASTQ to VCF data processing. Sentieon’s DNAscope tool takes advantage of the improved quality and long read length of PacBio HiFi reads to perform quick and accurate variant calling using specially calibrated machine learning models.

Learn more: WGS Pipeline

Twist Bioscience

PacBio has partnered with Twist Bioscience to deliver long-read target enrichment panels. The initial portfolio of products focuses on challenging, medically relevant genes (Dark Genes panel) and pharmacogenomics (Long Read PGx panel). Custom panel capability broadens access to the benefits of long-read HiFi sequencing like accurate variant detection including structural variants and phasing. This partnership also combines the outstanding accuracy of SBB technology with the Twist Exome 2.0 panel: 50x coverage of >80% target bases. By partnering with Twist, PacBio can deliver a targeted sequencing solution that is high throughput and cost-effective while also being supported end-to-end.

Learn more: Application brief | Revio dark genes dataset | Sequel IIe dark genes dataset | Sequel IIe PGX dataset

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