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Pacific Biosciences

We have designed PacBio technologies to focus on efficiency, and we constantly strive to deliver more effective sequencing runs. To further these efforts, we have selected experienced partners that focus specifically on critical aspects of the sequencing workflow. These partners offer services in the following areas:



Genomic DNA preparation services optimized to get the longest reads possible from your PacBio SMRT library protocol.  Amplicon Express specializes in preparation of High Molecular Weight NGS-grade gDNA to produce optimal data from PacBio RS II and Sequel Systems. For maximum length reads, it’s beneficial to start your SMRTbell template preparation protocol with high-quality gDNA prepared by Amplicon Express. Researchers who require the longest SMRT Sequencing reads possible for their genome projects see the value of outsourcing the critical step of gDNA isolation to Amplicon Express.

Typical results of 20 kb library vs 30 kb library using an Amplicon gDNA prep
Impact of DNA quality on SMRT Sequencing read length  

Specializing in difficult organisms
Marine sponges, oysters, insects, reptiles, freshwater and marine fishes, esoteric fungi, metagenomic environmental samples, plants high in tannins and secondary compounds. Amplicon Express is the “go to” team for difficult gDNA extractions. Making beautiful HMW gDNA since 1996.

Contact information
Amplicon Express Inc
Home page: https://ampliconexpress.com/
Product page: http://ampliconexpress.com/ngs-grade-dna-extraction-services/
Customer Service Phone: 1.509.332.8080
Customer Service Email: customerservice@ampliconexpress.com

Shoreline Breaker

Fast-track the delivery of superior long-read metagenomics data with the Shoreline Breaker™ Instrument and high molecular weight dsDNA (HMW ds DNA) Prep Kits. Not all microbes are created equal: some are easy to lyse, but others can be challenging. Shoreline Breaker is the perfect solution: it can lyse even tough-to-crack gram-positive bacteria and spores while preserving DNA integrity from simpler lysing gram-negative bacteria. The small, lightweight Shoreline Breaker device uniformly lyses and purifies long DNA perfect for PacBio metagenomic sequencing in under 2 minutes. Shoreline Breaker Prep kits come in two sizes (16 sample or 48 sample) containing Breaker Lysis tubes and purification reagents. Leave no microbe behind with Shoreline Biome.

Shoreline Breaker Instrument and Kits
Shoreline Breaker Brochure
Shoreline Breaker Instrument Manual
Shoreline Breaker Prep Technical Manual

Contact Information
Shoreline Biome
400 Farmington Ave. CB119
Farmington, CT 06032 USA
Home page: http://www.shorelinebiome.com/
Orders email: orders@shorelinebiome.com
Support email: support@shorelinebiome.com
Contact us email: hello@shorelinebiome.com

For more information about nucleic acid extraction, please see “Recommended DNA Isolation Kits” in the Template Preparation and Sequencing Guide.




SMART (Switching Mechanism at 5’ End of RNA Template) is a unique technology that allows the efficient incorporation of known sequences at both ends of cDNA during first strand synthesis without adaptor ligation. The presence of these known sequences is crucial for a number of downstream applications, including amplification, RACE, and library construction. While a wide variety of technologies can be employed to take advantage of these known sequences, the simplicity and efficiency of the single-step SMART process permits unparalleled sensitivity, and ensures that full-length cDNA is generated and amplified.

Contact information
Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Home page: https://www.clontech.com/
Product page: https://www.clontech.com/US/Products/cDNA_Synthesis_and_Library_Construction/cDNA_Synthesis_Kits/SMARTer_Kits?sitex=10020:22372:US
Customer support email: tech@clontech.com
Customer support phone: 1.800.662.2566




g-TUBE, the latest innovation from Covaris, is a single-use consumable that enables scientists to shear genomic DNA into selected fragments sizes ranging from 6 kbp to 20 kbp. The only equipment needed is a compatible bench-top centrifuge and a pipette. g-TUBE uses centrifugal force (the “g” in g-TUBE) to push the sample through a precisely manufactured orifice in the embedded ruby. This produces shearing forces in the sample that fragment the DNA. Fragment size is selected by adjusting the centrifuge rotor speed, which alters the flow rate through the ruby and creates shearing forces. Higher centrifugation RPM will produce shorter fragments, and the protocol provided by Covaris contains the settings needed to select a fragment size between 6 kbp and 20 kbp. Remarkably, the entire process takes only 3 minutes, and up to 24 samples can be processed simultaneously.

Full protocol

Contact information
Covaris, Inc.
Home page: https://www.covarisinc.com/
g-TUBE product page: https://covarisinc.com/products/g-tube/
Customer support email: CustomerService@covarisinc.com
Customer support phone: 1.781.932.3959


Diagenode is a leading global provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research, biological sample preparation, and diagnostics assays. The company offers the Megaruptor® shearing instrument, which was designed to provide researchers with a simple, automated, and highly reproducible device for long fragment DNA shearing from 3kb – 75kb. The shearing performance of the Megaruptor is independent of the source, concentration, temperature, or salt content of a DNA sample. The Megaruptor shears DNA fragments above 20kb, which are required for the construction of ultra-long libraries prior to sequencing on the instrument.

Megaruptor genomic DNA shearing for large insert sequencing library preparation
Application of the Megaruptor for shearing of ultra-long DNA fragments for third generation sequencing technologies

Contact information
Diagenode, SA
Home page: https://www.diagenode.com/
Product page: https://www.diagenode.com/p/megaruptor2-1-unit
Customer support email:
Europe: custsupport@diagenode.com
North America: custsupport.na@diagenode.com




Sage Science develops products for the life sciences research markets. Their mission is to provide new systems to streamline and improve sample-preparation workflows for DNA and protein analysis. Among those products are the:

BluePippin The BluePippin has pulsed-field electrophoresis capabilities for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA up to 50 kb. Target sizes or ranges of sizes are entered in software, and fractions are collected in buffer. Up to five samples/gel cassette may be run, with no possibility of cross contamination.

PippinHT PippinHT incorporates the company’s highly regarded sizing technology, and increases throughput to 24 samples per run, compared to a maximum of 5 with BluePippin. The instrument offers an efficient, automated solution for scientists running busy sequencing labs, core facilities, and other laboratories producing large-scale sequencing data.

SageELF The SageELF is an electrophoresis system that separates DNA or protein samples by size, and then fractionates the whole sample, or section of sample, into 12 fractions. The system is equipped with pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving large DNA. Fractionation ranges are estimated and adjusted in software, and fractions are collected in buffer. One sample is fractionated on a single precast agarose cassette, and one or two cassettes may be processed at one time.

BluePippin user guide for PacBio

Contact information
Sage Science, Inc.
Home page: www.sagescience.com
Products page: https://www.sagescience.com/products/
Customer support email: support@sagescience.com
Customer support phone: 1.888.744.0144




Now you can amplify highly polymorphic HLA genes with confidence and analyze both alleles in a heterozygous individual using the PacBio System. The product line includes HLA Class I and HLA Class II typing kits. Whole HLA genes are amplified with NGSgo‐AmpX amplification primers in a single reaction using QIAGEN LongRange polymerase. DNA template prep and related sequencing reagents are purchased directly from PacBio. The amplicons generated by the NGSgo‐AmpX kit are ready to go directly into barcoded adapter SMRTbell library preparation and subsequent SMRT Sequencing. The resulting PacBio consensus sequences are fully compatible with the NGSengine analysis software.

Contact information
Genome Diagnostics B.V.
Home page: https://www.gendx.com/home
Product page: https://www.gendx.com/pacbio-ngs
Customer support phone: +
Customer support email: support@gendx.com


xGen® target capture products from IDT enable greater sensitivity and higher sample throughput for targeted next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS researchers can now benefit from the IDT high throughput, quality controlled manufacturing process to order gene panels that have the greatest level of uniformity. These panels can be easily optimized with the addition of more probes. xGen Lockdown Probes are individually synthesized oligonucleotides that offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability. The probes, which are available at different scales, are assessed by mass spectrometry for quality control, enabling a seamless transition from discovery to clinical application.

PacBio protocol for capturing gDNA
PacBio protocol for capturing full-length cDNA

Contact information
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Home page: https://www.idtdna.com/site
Product page: https://www.idtdna.com/pages/products/nextgen/target-capture
Customer support phone: 1.800.328.2661
Customer support email: custcare@idtdna.com


SeqCap EZ System is a solution-based capture system that enables enrichment of the whole exome or targeted customer regions of interest in a single test tube. Built upon an optimized design algorithm, SeqCap EZ Library sets a new standard for a simple single-step enrichment method.

Application note: Multiplex Target Enrichment Using Barcoded Multi-Kilobase Fragments and Probe-Based Capture Technologies

Contact Information
Roche NimbleGen, Inc.
Home page: https://sequencing.roche.com/
Product page: http://www.nimblegen.com/products/seqcap/ez-system/index.html
Customer support phone: 1.800.262.1640
Customer support email: indianapolis.bmbcustomerservice@roche.com


Shoreline Biome accelerates microbiome research though the characterization of complex microbiome populations at the highest possible resolution with 16S sequencing kits in a 96-well format that include lysis, amplification, and analysis steps. The patented Rapid Prep lysis/DNA purification step ensures that no microbe is left behind without the need for cumbersome bead beating. Both the Shoreline Biome V1-V9 and StrainID kits provide smart primer design, dual-end barcoding and a superior PCR enzyme mix to minimize amplification bias and maximize usable reads. The StrainID™ amplicon covers the sequences within the 16S-ITS-23S region that are essential for high resolution taxonomic assignment of microbial species and strains. Finally, when paired with PacBio HiFi Sequencing, the companion SBanalzyer™ software and comprehensive Athena™ Microbial Reference Databasecompletes this easy sample-to-answer workflow, providing the most complete solution for known and novel microbial strain identification.

PacBio Compatible Shoreline Biome Kits
User Manuals and Brochures
Peer Reviewed Publications

Contact Information
Shoreline Biome
400 Farmington Ave. CB119
Farmington, CT 06032 USA
Home page: http://www.shorelinebiome.com/
Orders email: orders@shorelinebiome.com
Support email: support@shorelinebiome.com
Contact us email: hello@shorelinebiome.com





The NGS Workstation (Option B) offers the advantage of increasing throughput without affecting data quality, freeing up researchers from performing time consuming and repetitive tasks. With plate and tip handling solutions, the workstation also enables walk away automation, so researchers have time for valuable tasks. 

Application note: Automation of PacBio SMRTbell 10 kb Template Preparation on an Agilent NGS Workstation

Contact information
Agilent Technologies
Home page: https://www.agilent.com/home
Product page: https://www.chem.agilent.com/en-US/products-services/Instruments-Systems/Automation-Solutions/NGS-Workstation-Option-B/Pages/default.aspx
Customer support phone: 1.800.979.4811
Customer support email: service.automation@agilent.com


The Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation (P/N SG3-31020-0300) is the most capable automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation. Built on the Sciclone G3 platform, the NGS Workstation is a complete benchtop solution for library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.

Contact information
Perkin Elmer, Inc.
Home page: https://www.perkinelmer.com/corporate/
Product page: https://www.perkinelmer.com/Catalog/Family/ID/Sciclone%20NGS%20Workstation
Customer support phone: 1.800.762.4000
Customer support email: CustomerCareUS@perkinelmer.com



The Agilent Fragment Analyzer systems offer fast, high-resolution benchtop capillary electrophoresis (CE) platforms that utilize proprietary markers to accurately size fragments ranging from 10 to 50 kb. The platforms allow important DNA quality checkpoints to be completed in one hour, saving time by avoiding multiple overnight gel runs when preparing large-insert SMRTbell libraries.

The Agilent Femto Pulse automated pulsed-field CE instrument is a fast, high-resolution benchtop capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform that utilizes pulsed-field electrophoresis to separate high molecular weight DNA fragments. This platform allows important DNA quality checkpoints with accurate sizing up to 165 kb to be completed in less than 1.5 hours, with minimal DNA sample input requirements. The instrument can be used in place of gel-based pulsed-field electrophoresis systems.

Product note: Fast, high-resolution DNA sizing with the FEMTO Pulse system
Product note: Fast, high-resolution DNA sizing with the fragment analyzer system

Contact information
Agilent Technologies (Formerly Advanced Analytical)
Home page: https://www.agilent.comProduct page: https://www.aati-us.com/instruments/femto-pulse/
Product page: https://www.aati-us.com/product/fragment-analyzer
Customer support phone: 1.515.964.8500   +1 877-424-4536
Customer support email: electrophoresis@aati-us.com

For more information on quality-control instrumentation, please see “Specific Lab Equipment and Related Consumables Required” in the Template Preparation and Sequencing Guide.