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Whole-genome sequencing: opportunities and challenges for public health, food-borne outbreak investigations, and the global food supply.

Authors: Dunn, John R

Food-borne disease is burdensome, af- fecting 1 in 6 persons or an estimated 48 million ill, 128 000 hospitalized, and 3000 deaths in the United States annually. In addition, societal costs from lost lives, lost labor, lost wages, and even lost revenue in the food industry are substan- tial. Globally the burden is even higher, and multinational outbreaks due to the global movement of contaminated foods are being described increasingly. The glo- bal food supply links nations and econo- mies, emphasizing the need to view food safety with an integrated farm-to-fork lens. As predicted, advances in molecular techniques and information management have been transformative for food-borne disease investigation.

Journal: The Journal of infectious diseases
DOI: 10.1093/infdis/jiv298
Year: 2016

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