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The complete mitochondrial genome of Wonwhang (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Authors: Chung, Ho Yong and Won, So Yun and Kang, Sang-Ho and Sohn, Seong-Han and Kim, Jung Sun

This is a de novo assembly and annotation of a complete mitochondrial genome from Pyrus pyrifolia in the family Rosaceae. The complete mitochondrial genome of P. pyrifolia was assembled from PacBio RSII P6-C4 sequencing reads. The circular genome was 458,873?bp in length, containing 39 protein-coding genes, 23 tRNA genes and three rRNA genes. The nucleotide composition was A (27.5%), T (27.3%), G (22.6%) and C (22.6%) with GC content of 45.2%. Most of protein-coding genes use the canonical start codon ATG, whereas nad1, cox1, matR and rps4 use ACG, mttB uses ATT, rpl16 and rps19 uses GTG. The stop codon is also common in all mitochondrial genes. The phylogenetic analysis showed that P. pyrifolia was clustered with the Malus of Rosaceae family. Maximum-likelihood analysis suggests a clear relationship of Rosids and Asterids, which support the traditional classification.

Journal: Mitochondrial DNA
DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2017.1413300
Year: 2017

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