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Systems biology analysis of the key genes of surfactin production in Bacillus subtilis MJ01 (isolated from soil contaminated oil in south of Iran), spizizenii, and 168 isolates

Authors: Deihimi, Tahereh and Ebrahimie, Esmaeil and Niazi, Ali and Ebrahimi, Mansour and Ayatollahi, Shahab and Tahmasebi, Ahmad and Rahimi, Touraj and Jahanbani Veshareh, Moein

Applying microorganism in oil recovery has attracted attentions recently. Surfactin produced by Bacillus subtilis is widely used industrially in a range of industrial applications in pharmecutical and environmental sectors. Little information about molecular mechanism of suffactin compound is available. In this study, we performed promoter and network analysis of surfactin production genes in Bacillus subtilis subsp. MJ01 (isolated from oil contaminated soil in South of Iran), spizizenii and 168. Our analysis revealed that comQ and comX are the genes with sequence alterations among these three strains of Bacillus subtilis and are involved in surfactin production. Promoter analysis indicated that lrp, argR, rpoD, purr and ihf are overrepresented and have the highest number of transcription factor binding sites (TFBs) on the key surfactin production genes in all 3 strains. Also the pattern of TFBs among these three strains was completely different. Interestingly, there is distinct difference between 168, spizizenii and MJ01 in their frequency of TFs that activate genes involve in surfactin production. Attribute weighting algorithms and decision tree analysis revealed ihf, rpoD and flHCD as the most important TF among surfactin production. Network analysis identified two significant network modules. The first one consists of key genes involved in surfactin production and the second module includes key TFs, involved in regulation of surfactin production. Our findings enhance understanding the molecular mechanism of surfactin production through systems biology analysis.

Journal: Journal of cell and molecular research
DOI: 10.22067/jcmr.v9i2.66166
Year: 2017

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