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Reply to Bemm et al. and Arakawa: Identifying foreign genes in independent Hypsibius dujardini genome assemblies.

Authors: Boothby, Thomas C and Goldstein, Bob

Our report (1) describing the discovery of extensive horizontal gene transfer in a tardigrade genome has raised questions from other groups who were sequencing the Hypsibius dujardini genome in parallel or who have done new experiments and analyses since our report (2??–5). Bemm et al. (2) now report filtering our data for likely contaminants, resulting in a new, prefiltered genome assembly. Arakawa (3) has sequenced genomes of starved, washed, individual animals that had been treated with antibiotics for 48 h, and used this genomic sequence and RNA-Seq data to identify likely bona fide tardigrade contigs. Two other reports have contributed data and analysis: Delmont and Eren (4) used a newly published analysis and visualization platform, Anvi'o (6), to identify likely contaminants in our genome assembly, and Koutsovoulos et al. (5) applied useful taxon-annotated GC coverage plots (Blobplots) (7) to our data and reported an independent genome assembly.

Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1601149113
Year: 2016

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