September 22, 2019  |  

PGI2, a novel SGI1-relative multidrug-resistant genomic island characterized in Proteus mirabilis.

Authors: Lei, Chang-Wei and Chen, Yan-Peng and Kong, Ling-Han and Zeng, Jin-Xin and Wang, Yong-Xiang and Zhang, An-Yun and Wang, Hong-Ning

A novel 61,578-bp genomic island named Proteus genomic island 2 (PGI2) was characterized in Proteus mirabilis of swine origin in China. The 23.85-kb backbone of PGI2 is related to those of Salmonella genomic island 1 and Acinetobacter genomic island 1. The multidrug resistance (MDR) region of PGI2 is a complex class 1 integron containing 14 different resistance genes. PGI2 was conjugally mobilized in trans to Escherichia coli in the presence of a conjugative IncC helper plasmid. Copyright © 2018 American Society for Microbiology.

Journal: Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
DOI: 10.1128/AAC.00019-18
Year: 2018

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