July 7, 2019  |  

Pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection

Authors: Waskito, Langgeng Agung and Salama, Nina R and Yamaoka, Yoshio

In this review, we highlight progress in the last year in characterizing known virulence factors like flagella and the Cag type IV secretion system with sophisticated struc- tural and biochemical approaches to yield new insight on the assembly and functions of these critical virulence determinants. Several aspects of Helicobacter pylori physi- ology were newly explored this year and evaluated for their functions during stom- ach colonization, including a fascinating role for the essential protease HtrA in allowing access of H. pylori to the basolateral side of the gastric epithelium through cleavage of the tight junction protein E- cadherin to facilitate CagA delivery. Molecular biology tools standard in model bacteria, including regulated gene expression during animal infection and fluorescent reporter gene fusions, were newly applied to H. py- lori to explore functions for urease beyond initial colonization and establish high salt consumption as a mediator of gene expression changes. New sequencing technolo- gies enabled validation of long postulated roles for DNA methylation in regulating H. pylori gene expression. On the cell biology side, elegant work using lineage tracing in the murine model and organoid primary cell culture systems has provided new in- sights into how H. pylori manipulates gastric tissue functions, locally and at a dis- tance, to promote its survival in the stomach and induce pathologic changes. Finally, new work has bolstered the case for genomic variation as an important mechanism to generate phenotypic diversity during changing environmental conditions in the context of diet manipulation in animal infection models and during human experi- mental infection after vaccination.

Journal: Helicobacter
DOI: 10.1111/hel.12516
Year: 2018

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