July 8, 2024  |  Microbiome

Microflora Danica: the atlas of Danish environmental microbiomes

Authors: Singleton, Jensen, Delogu,Sørensen, Jørgensen, Karst, Yang, Knudsen, Sereika, Petriglieri, Knutsson, Dall, Kirkegaard, Kristensen, Woodcroft, Speth, Aroney, The Microflora Danica Consortium, Wagner, Dueholm, Nielsen, Albertsen

In this preprint, scientists from Denmark, Australia, and Austria, conducted a study where HiFi sequencing was used for rRNA operon sequencing for 449 (multiplexed in pools of 92 samples) microbiome samples (14.9 million bacterial (median 4,528 bp, containing both 16S and 23S) and 13.4 million eukaryotic rRNA operon sequences (median 4,035 bp, containing both 18S and 28S)). “This dataset is an order of magnitude larger than the current most comprehensive database SILVA 138.1”, and provides “an unprecedented resource and the foundation for answering fundamental questions underlying microbial ecology: what drives microbial diversity, distribution and function.”

Journal: Biorxiv
DOI: 10.1101/2024.06.27.600767
Year: 2024

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