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Metagenomic SMRT sequencing-based exploration of novel lignocellulose-degrading capability in wood detritus from Torreya nucifera in Bija forest on Jeju Island.

Authors: Oh, Han Na and Lee, Tae Kwon and Park, Jae Wan and No, Jee Hyun and Kim, Dockyu and Sul, Woo Jun

Lignocellulose, mostly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin generated through secondary growth of woody plant, is considered as promising resources for bio-fuel. In order to use lignocellulose as a biofuel, the biodegradation besides high-cost chemical treatments were applied, but its knowledge on decomposition of lignocellulose occurring in a natural environment were insufficient. We analyzed 16S rRNA gene and metagenome to understand how the lignocellulose are decomposed naturally in decayed Torreya nucifera (L) of Bija forest (Bijarim) in Gotjawal, an ecologically distinct environment. A total of 464,360 reads were obtained from 16S rRNA gene sequencing, representing diverse phyla; Proteobacteria (51%), Bacteroidetes (11%) and Actinobacteria (10%). The metagenome analysis using Single Molecules Real-Time Sequencing revealed that the assembled contigs determined by originated from Proteobacteria (58%) and Actinobacteria (10.3%). Carbohydrate Active enZYmes (CAZy) and Protein families (Pfam) based analysis showed that Proteobacteria was involved in degrading whole lignocellulose and Actinobacteria played a role only in a part of hemicellulose degradation. Combining these results, it suggested that Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria had selective biodegradation potential for different lignocellulose substrate. Thus, it is considered that understanding of the systemic microbial degradation pathways may be a useful strategy for recycle of lignocellulosic biomass and the microbial enzymes in Bija forest can be useful natural resources in industrial processes.

Journal: Journal of microbiology and biotechnology
DOI: 10.4014/jmb.1705.05008
Year: 2017

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