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Iso-Seq analysis of Nepenthes ampullaria, Nepenthes rafflesiana and Nepenthes × hookeriana for hybridisation study in pitcher plants.

Authors: Zulkapli, Muhammad Mu'izzuddin and Rosli, Muhammad Aqil Fitri and Salleh, Faris Imadi Mohd and Mohd Noor, Normah and Aizat, Wan Mohd and Goh, Hoe-Han

Tropical pitcher plants in the species-rich Nepenthaceae family of carnivorous plants possess unique pitcher organs. Hybridisation, natural or artificial, in this family is extensive resulting in pitchers with diverse features. The pitcher functions as a passive insect trap with digestive fluid for nutrient acquisition in nitrogen-poor habitats. This organ shows specialisation according to the dietary habit of different Nepenthes species. In this study, we performed the first single-molecule real-time isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq) analysis of full-length cDNA from Nepenthes ampullaria which can feed on leaf litter, compared to carnivorous Nepenthes rafflesiana, and their carnivorous hybrid Nepenthes × hookeriana. This allows the comparison of pitcher transcriptomes from the parents and the hybrid to understand how hybridisation could shape the evolution of dietary habit in Nepenthes. Raw reads have been deposited to SRA database with the accession numbers SRX2692198 (N. ampullaria), SRX2692197 (N. rafflesiana), and SRX2692196 (N. × hookeriana).

Journal: Genomics data
DOI: 10.1016/j.gdata.2017.05.003
Year: 2017

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