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Insights into land plant evolution garnered from the Marchantia polymorpha genome.

Authors: Bowman, John L and Kohchi, Takayuki and Yamato, Katsuyuki T and Jenkins, Jerry and Shu, Shengqiang and Ishizaki, Kimitsune and Yamaoka, Shohei and Nishihama, Ryuichi and Nakamura, Yasukazu and Berger, Frédéric and Adam, Catherine and Aki, Shiori Sugamata and Althoff, Felix and Araki, Takashi and Arteaga-Vazquez, Mario A and Balasubrmanian, Sureshkumar and Barry, Kerrie and Bauer, Diane and Boehm, Christian R and Briginshaw, Liam and Caballero-Perez, Juan and Catarino, Bruno and Chen, Feng and Chiyoda, Shota and Chovatia, Mansi and Davies, Kevin M and Delmans, Mihails and Demura, Taku and Dierschke, Tom and Dolan, Liam and Dorantes-Acosta, Ana E and Eklund, D Magnus and Florent, Stevie N and Flores-Sandoval, Eduardo and Fujiyama, Asao and Fukuzawa, Hideya and Galik, Bence and Grimanelli, Daniel and Grimwood, Jane and Grossniklaus, Ueli and Hamada, Takahiro and Haseloff, Jim and Hetherington, Alexander J and Higo, Asuka and Hirakawa, Yuki and Hundley, Hope N and Ikeda, Yoko and Inoue, Keisuke and Inoue, Shin-Ichiro and Ishida, Sakiko and Jia, Qidong and Kakita, Mitsuru and Kanazawa, Takehiko and Kawai, Yosuke and Kawashima, Tomokazu and Kennedy, Megan and Kinose, Keita and Kinoshita, Toshinori and Kohara, Yuji and Koide, Eri and Komatsu, Kenji and Kopischke, Sarah and Kubo, Minoru and Kyozuka, Junko and Lagercrantz, Ulf and Lin, Shih-Shun and Lindquist, Erika and Lipzen, Anna M and Lu, Chia-Wei and De Luna, Efraín and Martienssen, Robert A and Minamino, Naoki and Mizutani, Masaharu and Mizutani, Miya and Mochizuki, Nobuyoshi and Monte, Isabel and Mosher, Rebecca and Nagasaki, Hideki and Nakagami, Hirofumi and Naramoto, Satoshi and Nishitani, Kazuhiko and Ohtani, Misato and Okamoto, Takashi and Okumura, Masaki and Phillips, Jeremy and Pollak, Bernardo and Reinders, Anke and Rövekamp, Moritz and Sano, Ryosuke and Sawa, Shinichiro and Schmid, Marc W and Shirakawa, Makoto and Solano, Roberto and Spunde, Alexander and Suetsugu, Noriyuki and Sugano, Sumio and Sugiyama, Akifumi and Sun, Rui and Suzuki, Yutaka and Takenaka, Mizuki and Takezawa, Daisuke and Tomogane, Hirokazu and Tsuzuki, Masayuki and Ueda, Takashi and Umeda, Masaaki and Ward, John M and Watanabe, Yuichiro and Yazaki, Kazufumi and Yokoyama, Ryusuke and Yoshitake, Yoshihiro and Yotsui, Izumi and Zachgo, Sabine and Schmutz, Jeremy

The evolution of land flora transformed the terrestrial environment. Land plants evolved from an ancestral charophycean alga from which they inherited developmental, biochemical, and cell biological attributes. Additional biochemical and physiological adaptations to land, and a life cycle with an alternation between multicellular haploid and diploid generations that facilitated efficient dispersal of desiccation tolerant spores, evolved in the ancestral land plant. We analyzed the genome of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, a member of a basal land plant lineage. Relative to charophycean algae, land plant genomes are characterized by genes encoding novel biochemical pathways, new phytohormone signaling pathways (notably auxin), expanded repertoires of signaling pathways, and increased diversity in some transcription factor families. Compared with other sequenced land plants, M. polymorpha exhibits low genetic redundancy in most regulatory pathways, with this portion of its genome resembling that predicted for the ancestral land plant. PAPERCLIP. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Journal: Cell
DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.030
Year: 2017

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