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High quality draft genome sequence of the type strain of Pseudomonas lutea OK2(T), a phosphate-solubilizing rhizospheric bacterium.

Authors: Kwak, Yunyoung and Park, Gun-Seok and Shin, Jae-Ho

Pseudomonas lutea OK2(T) (=LMG 21974(T), CECT 5822(T)) is the type strain of the species and was isolated from the rhizosphere of grass growing in Spain in 2003 based on its phosphate-solubilizing capacity. In order to identify the functional significance of phosphate solubilization in Pseudomonas Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, we describe here the phenotypic characteristics of strain OK2(T) along with its high-quality draft genome sequence, its annotation, and analysis. The genome is comprised of 5,647,497 bp with 60.15 % G?+?C content. The sequence includes 4,846 protein-coding genes and 95 RNA genes.

Journal: Standards in genomic sciences
DOI: 10.1186/s40793-016-0173-7
Year: 2016

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