July 7, 2019  |  

Free-living Enterobacterium Pragia fontium 24613: complete genome sequence and metabolic profiling.

Authors: Snopková, Katerina and Sedlár, Karel and Bosák, Juraj and Chaloupková, Eva and Sedlácek, Ivo and Provazník, Ivo and Šmajs, David

Pragia fontium is one of the few species that belongs to the group of atypical hydrogen sulfide-producing enterobacteria. Unlike other members of this closely related group, P. fontium is not associated with any known host and has been reported as a free-living bacterium. Whole genome sequencing and metabolic fingerprinting confirmed the phylogenetic position of P. fontium inside the group of atypical H2S producers. Genomic data have revealed that P. fontium 24613 has limited pathogenic potential, although there are signs of genome decay. Although the lack of specific virulence factors and no association with a host species suggest a free-living style, the signs of genome decay suggest a process of adaptation to an as-yet-unknown host.

Journal: Evolutionary bioinformatics online
DOI: 10.1177/1176934317700863
Year: 2017

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