July 7, 2019  |  

First detection of a blaCTX-M-15-carrying plasmid in Vibrio alginolyticus.

Authors: Zheng, Zhiwei and Li, Ruichao and Wong, Marcus Ho-Yin and Chan, Edward Wai-Chi and Xia, Xiaodong and Chen, Sheng

Vibrio alginolyticus is a gram-negative halophilic bacterium, widely distributed in sea-water and seafood all over the world and is the main pathogenic bacteria of marine animals such as fish, shrimp and shellfish. Besides, it is also an important human pathogen causing eye, ear and wound infections, as well as gastroenteritis, septicemia, and necrotizing fasciitis [1]. Resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins is rarely ob- served in V. alginolyticus. Here, we report for the first time the identification of a foodborne V. alginolyticus strain Vb0506 carrying plasmid encoding blaCTX-M-15.

Journal: Journal of global antimicrobial resistance
DOI: 10.1016/j.jgar.2018.04.007
Year: 2018

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