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Elucidating the triplicated ancestral genome structure of radish based on chromosome-level comparison with the Brassica genomes.

Authors: Jeong, Young-Min and Kim, Namshin and Ahn, Byung Ohg and Oh, Mijin and Chung, Won-Hyong and Chung, Hee and Jeong, Seongmun and Lim, Ki-Byung and Hwang, Yoon-Jung and Kim, Goon-Bo and Baek, Seunghoon and Choi, Sang-Bong and Hyung, Dae-Jin and Lee, Seung-Won and Sohn, Seong-Han and Kwon, Soo-Jin and Jin, Mina and Seol, Young-Joo and Chae, Won Byoung and Choi, Keun Jin and Park, Beom-Seok and Yu, Hee-Ju and Mun, Jeong-Hwan

This study presents a chromosome-scale draft genome sequence of radish that is assembled into nine chromosomal pseudomolecules. A comprehensive comparative genome analysis with the Brassica genomes provides genomic evidences on the evolution of the mesohexaploid radish genome. Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) is an agronomically important root vegetable crop and its origin and phylogenetic position in the tribe Brassiceae is controversial. Here we present a comprehensive analysis of the radish genome based on the chromosome sequences of R. sativus cv. WK10039. The radish genome was sequenced and assembled into 426.2 Mb spanning >98 % of the gene space, of which 344.0 Mb were integrated into nine chromosome pseudomolecules. Approximately 36 % of the genome was repetitive sequences and 46,514 protein-coding genes were predicted and annotated. Comparative mapping of the tPCK-like ancestral genome revealed that the radish genome has intermediate characteristics between the Brassica A/C and B genomes in the triplicated segments, suggesting an internal origin from the genus Brassica. The evolutionary characteristics shared between radish and other Brassica species provided genomic evidences that the current form of nine chromosomes in radish was rearranged from the chromosomes of hexaploid progenitor. Overall, this study provides a chromosome-scale draft genome sequence of radish as well as novel insight into evolution of the mesohexaploid genomes in the tribe Brassiceae.

Journal: TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics
DOI: 10.1007/s00122-016-2708-0
Year: 2016

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