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Eco-friendly Management of Karnal Bunt (Neovossia indica) of Wheat

Authors: Kumar, Shrvan and Singh, Dhanbir and Paudel, Jiwan and Belbase, Saroj

Karnal bunt incited by Neovossia indica is one of the most important disease of wheat crop. To develop an eco-friendly management practice against Karnal bunt of wheat, integration of fungicidal seed treatment with foliar sprays of phytoextracts, bio-control agent and fungicide revealed. Uses of Thiram 75DS or Kavach 75WP @2g/Kg, Dithane M-45 or Captan [email protected]/Kg, Vitavax [email protected]/Kg, Tilt 25EC or Raxil 2DS@1mL/Kg or Pseudomonas fluorescens@5 mL/Kg or Trichoderma viride (Ecoderma) or T. harzianum@5 mL/Kg seed treatment for eliminating primary inoculum (teliospores). Seed soaking in Lantana (L. camara) or Eucalyptus (E. globulus) or Akh (Calotropis procera) or Kali basuti (Eupatorium adenophorum) @ 250 mL/L for 60 min and dry in shad are effective in eradicating the seed infection also. Application foliar spray of Baycor 25WP or Bavistin 50WP or F-100 or Moximate [email protected]/Kg, Tilt 25EC or Folicur 25EC or Contaf 25EC@1mL/Kg at boot leaf stage and 50% emergence flowering heads against the secondary air-borne inoculum (Allantoides sporidia). This is concerning integration of fungicide seed treatment with foliar spray of bio- control agent and phyto-extract. It is cheaper and eco-friendly practice for the control of Karnal bunt of wheat.

Journal: International journal of pure and applied bioscience
Year: 2018

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