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Echinobase: an expanding resource for echinoderm genomic information

Authors: Kudtarkar, Parul and Cameron, R. Andrew

Echinobase, a web accessible information system of diverse genomics and biological data for the echinoderm clade, grew out of SpBase, the first echinoderm genome project for sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Sea urchins and their relatives are utilitarian research models in fields ranging from marine biology to developmental biology and gene regulatory systems. Echinobase is a user-friendly web interface that links an array of biological data that would otherwise have been tedious and frustrating for researchers to extract and organize. The system hosts a powerful gene search engine, genomics browser and other bioinformatics tools to investigate genomics and high throughput data. The Echinobase information system now serves genomic information for eight echinoderm species: S. purpuratus, Strongylocentrotus fransciscanus, Allocentrotus fragilis, Lytechinus variegatus, Patiria miniata, Parastichopus parvimensis and Ophiothrix spiculata, Eucidaris tribuloides. Herein lies a description of the web information system, genomics data types and content hosted by The goal of Echinobase is to connect genomic information to various experimental data and accelerate the research in field of molecular biology, developmental process, gene regulatory networks and more recently engineering biological systems0.

Journal: Database
DOI: 10.1093/database/bax074
Year: 2017

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