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Comprehensive analysis of single molecule sequencing-derived complete genome and whole transcriptome of Hyposidra talaca nuclear polyhedrosis virus.

Authors: Nguyen, Thong T and Suryamohan, Kushal and Kuriakose, Boney and Janakiraman, Vasantharajan and Reichelt, Mike and Chaudhuri, Subhra and Guillory, Joseph and Divakaran, Neethu and Rabins, P E and Goel, Ridhi and Deka, Bhabesh and Sarkar, Suman and Ekka, Preety and Tsai, Yu-Chih and Vargas, Derek and Santhosh, Sam and Mohan, Sangeetha and Chin, Chen-Shan and Korlach, Jonas and Thomas, George and Babu, Azariah and Seshagiri, Somasekar

We sequenced the Hyposidra talaca NPV (HytaNPV) double stranded circular DNA genome using PacBio single molecule sequencing technology. We found that the HytaNPV genome is 139,089?bp long with a GC content of 39.6%. It encodes 141 open reading frames (ORFs) including the 37 baculovirus core genes, 25 genes conserved among lepidopteran baculoviruses, 72 genes known in baculovirus, and 7 genes unique to the HytaNPV genome. It is a group II alphabaculovirus that codes for the F protein and lacks the gp64 gene found in group I alphabaculovirus viruses. Using RNA-seq, we confirmed the expression of the ORFs identified in the HytaNPV genome. Phylogenetic analysis showed HytaNPV to be closest to BusuNPV, SujuNPV and EcobNPV that infect other tea pests, Buzura suppressaria, Sucra jujuba, and Ectropis oblique, respectively. We identified repeat elements and a conserved non-coding baculovirus element in the genome. Analysis of the putative promoter sequences identified motif consistent with the temporal expression of the genes observed in the RNA-seq data.

Journal: Scientific reports
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-27084-y
Year: 2018

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