September 22, 2019  |  

Complete genome sequences of seven Vibrio anguillarum strains as derived from PacBio sequencing.

Authors: Holm, Kåre Olav and Bækkedal, Cecilie and Söderberg, Jenny Johansson and Haugen, Peik

We report here the complete genome sequences of seven Vibrio anguillarum strains isolated from multiple geographic locations, thus increasing the total number of genomes of finished quality to 11. The genomes were de novo assembled from long-sequence PacBio reads. Including draft genomes, a total of 44?V. anguillarum genomes are currently available in the genome databases. They represent an important resource in the study of, for example, genetic variations and for identifying virulence determinants. In this article, we present the genomes and basic genome comparisons of the 11 complete genomes, including a BRIG analysis, and pan genome calculation. We also describe some structural features of superintegrons on chromosome 2?s, and associated insertion sequence (IS) elements, including 18 new ISs (ISVa3?-?ISVa20), both of importance in the complement of V. anguillarum genomes.

Journal: Genome biology and evolution
DOI: 10.1093/gbe/evy074
Year: 2018

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