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Complete genome sequence of Spirosoma rigui KCTC 12531 T, a bacterium isolated from fresh water from the Woopo wetland for taxonomic study

Authors: Kim, Dong-Uk and Kim, Ju-Young and Kim, Su Jeong and Kim, Min Ji and Lee, Ju Yeon and Kim, Myung Kyum

Spirosoma rigui KCTC 12531T was isolated from fresh water from the Woopo wetland, Korea. In this study, we report the complete genome sequence of a bacterium Spirosoma rigui KCTC 12531T, its complete genome sequence was obtained using the PacBio RS II platform. The genome comprised of 5,828,404 bp with the G + C content of 54.4%, the genome included 4,774 genes were predicted, among them, 4,647 genes are protein-coding genes.

Journal: Korean journal of microbiology
DOI: 10.7845/kjm.2017.7041
Year: 2017

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