April 21, 2020  |  

Complete Genome Sequence of Phascolarctobacterium faecium JCM 30894, a Succinate-Utilizing Bacterium Isolated from Human Feces.

Authors: Ogata, Yusuke and Suda, Wataru and Ikeyama, Nao and Hattori, Masahira and Ohkuma, Moriya and Sakamoto, Mitsuo

Phascolarctobacterium faecium is an anaerobic microbe known as a member of the human gut microbiome. Here, we report the complete genome sequence of Phascolarctobacterium faecium JCM 30894 and the elucidation of the mechanism for utilization of succinate by this bacterium based on the genome analysis.

Journal: Microbiology resource announcements
DOI: 10.1128/MRA.01487-18
Year: 2019

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