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Complete Genome Sequence of Massilia oculi sp. nov. CCUG 43427T (=DSM 26321T), the Type Strain of M. oculi, and Comparison with Genome Sequences of Other Massilia Strains.

Authors: Song, WeiJie and Wang, Sai and Shen, Jian and Zhu, Bo

Massilia oculi sp. nov. of type strain CCUG 43427T is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped, nonspore-forming bacterium, which was recently isolated from the eye of a patient suffering from endophthalmitis and was described as novel species in Massilia genus. In this study, we present the complete genome sequence of this strain by using Pacbio SMRT cell platform and compare this sequence with the genomes of 30 Massilia representative strains. Also, a comprehensive search was conducted for genes and proteins involved in antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity. The genome of CCUG 43427T is 5,844,653 bp with 65.55% GC content. This genome contains four prophages and four genomic islands (GIs). The cobalt/zinc/cadmium transporter locus CzcABCD is included in these GIs. This GI was predicted to play important role in bacterial heavy-metal tolerance. The in silico genome analysis also revealed that this strain contains a lot of antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity related genes. This result suggested that this strain may has evolved a wide arsenal of weapons for pathogenicity and survival. Genome comparison among CCUG 43427T and other 30 Massilia strains revealed that more than 400 genes are unique in CCUG 43427T. Among these, one gene cluster, which was annotated to be important for LOS biosynthesis, catalytic mechanism and the substrate specificity of the enzyme, was predicted to be horizontally transferred by using phylogenies and biased GC content.

Journal: Current microbiology
DOI: 10.1007/s00284-018-1597-7
Year: 2018

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