July 7, 2019  |  

Complete genome sequence of Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5BT, a bacterium resistant to gamma radiation

Authors: Kim, Myung Kyum and Kang, Myung-Suk and Srinivasan, Sathiyaraj and Lee, Do Hee and Lee, Seung-Yeol and Jung, Hee-Young

The ionizing radiation toxicity becomes a primary concern of the world; several exceptional attention was given to the resistance mechanisms of the radiation-resistant bacteria. Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5BT strain isolated from the gamma ray-irradiated soil samples shows resistance against gamma and UV radiation; however, their level of resistance is lower than that of other radiation resistant bacteria. To gain insight of radiation resistance, we carried out the whole genome sequencing of this strain. The genome of DG5BT strain is comprised of 4,868,852 bp (G+C content of 60.96%) including 3,994 protein-coding genes and 55 RNA genes. When compared with other bacteria, there are differences in compositions and copy numbers of several genes involved in DNA repair pathways and defense mechanism against protein damages. In this study, we discuss the implication of such findings concerning other radiation resistant bacteria.

Journal: Molecular & cellular toxicology
DOI: 10.1007/s13273-017-0021-x
Year: 2017

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