July 7, 2019  |  

Complete genome sequence of Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 exhibiting resistance to clindamycin

Authors: Jeong, Do-Won and Lee, Byunghoon and Lee, Jong-Hoon

Clindamycin resistant Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 was isolated from doenjang, a Korean high-salt-fermented soybean food. Strain 14ADL4 contains a single circular 4,332,232 bp chromosome with a G + C content of 45.86%. The complete genome of strain 14ADL4 includes lmrA and lmrB homologs may confer resistance to clindamycin.

Journal: Korean journal of microbiology
DOI: 10.7845/kjm.2018.8027
Year: 2018

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