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Complete genome sequence of a heavy metal resistant bacterium Maribacter cobaltidurans B1T, isolated from the deep-sea sediment of the South Atlantic Ocean

Authors: Wu, Yue-Hong and Fang, Chen and Zhou, Peng and Wang, Chun-Sheng and Xu, Xue-Wei

Many bacteria in the environment have adopted to the presence of toxic heavy metals. Here we present the complete genome sequence of a heavy metal resistant bacterium, Maribacter cobaltidurans B1T (=CGMCC 1.15508T=KCTC 52882T=MCCC 1K03318T), which was isolated from a deep-sea sediment sample collected from the South Atlantic Ocean. Strain B1T is able to resist high concentrations of Co2+ (10.0mM) in Marine Agar 2216. The genome of strain B1T comprises 4,639,957bp in a circular chromosome with G+C content of 39.7mol%. Resistance to Co2+ is mainly based on efflux system in the genome of stain B1T, including czcCBA operons, czcD genes, corC genes, etc. Comparing with the closely related species M. orientalis DSM 16471T, the genome of B1T harbors twenty more copies of genes in czcCBA operon and two copies of the czcD genes related to Co2+ efflux. The function of these genes may contribute to the high level of cobalt resistance, revealing its potential application in biotechnological industry.

Journal: Marine genomics
DOI: 10.1016/j.margen.2017.12.005
Year: 2018

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