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Bioengineered AAV capsids with combined high human liver transduction in vivo and unique humoral seroreactivity.

Authors: Paulk, Nicole K and Pekrun, Katja and Zhu, Erhua and Nygaard, Sean and Li, Bin and Xu, Jianpeng and Chu, Kirk and Leborgne, Christian and Dane, Allison P and Haft, Annelise and Zhang, Yue and Zhang, Feijie and Morton, Chris and Valentine, Marcus B and Davidoff, Andrew M and Nathwani, Amit C and Mingozzi, Federico and Grompe, Markus and Alexander, Ian E and Lisowski, Leszek and Kay, Mark A

Existing recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) serotypes for delivering in vivo gene therapy treatments for human liver diseases have not yielded combined high-level human hepatocyte transduction and favorable humoral neutralization properties in diverse patient groups. Yet, these combined properties are important for therapeutic efficacy. To bioengineer capsids that exhibit both unique seroreactivity profiles and functionally transduce human hepatocytes at therapeutically relevant levels, we performed multiplexed sequential directed evolution screens using diverse capsid libraries in both primary human hepatocytes in vivo and with pooled human sera from thousands of patients. AAV libraries were subjected to five rounds of in vivo selection in xenografted mice with human livers to isolate an enriched human-hepatotropic library that was then used as input for a sequential on-bead screen against pooled human immunoglobulins. Evolved variants were vectorized and validated against existing hepatotropic serotypes. Two of the evolved AAV serotypes, NP40 and NP59, exhibited dramatically improved functional human hepatocyte transduction in vivo in xenografted mice with human livers, along with favorable human seroreactivity profiles, compared with existing serotypes. These novel capsids represent enhanced vector delivery systems for future human liver gene therapy applications. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc.

Journal: Molecular therapy
DOI: 10.1016/j.ymthe.2017.09.021
Year: 2018

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